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Free Garden Planner for Kids


 Garden Planner for Kids

Having a homeschool garden can be very beneficial to your homeschool and your life. Teach your child a variety of lessons with gardening. This Garden Planner for Kids is designed to be used as a simple garden planner or basic planning worksheets. Kids can write down notes and facts as they plan and choose plants for their spring garden.

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Having a homeschool garden can be very beneficial to your homeschool and your life. Teach your children a variety of lessons with gardening. This two-page Garden Planner for Kids is designed to be used as simple garden notebooking pages or basic worksheets. Kids can write down notes and facts as they plan a spring garden.

This Free Garden Planner for Kids Contains:

  1. The Soil Worksheet– Soil preparation is a key ingredient for any garden, however small. You may want to have your children take notes as you research with them what to add or test in your soil. I recommend starting with a small garden box or raised bed and adding a soil mix of 2 parts compost & manure and 1 part peat moss. You may also want to add small amounts of  vermiculite, blood meal, and bone meal which can be found at local garden stores. How much you add would depend on the size box you are filling with your soil mixture. This way, you can control weeds and the content of your soil so much better. Proper soil makes for a successful garden experience.
  2. The Spring Garden Plan– Use this page to draw a small design or plan for your spring garden. Below are fact boxes for spring crops and flowers commonly used. Have your children write the facts on these plants- such as what kind of conditions, spacing, and care they will need to grow their plant choices. You should actually go through the facts before your children plan their garden boxes so that they will know how much space they will need before they design the garden space.


Free Garden Planner for Kids

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