Encouraging the Lonely Mom

  I watch her as she struggles with her stroller and a crying baby and a wandering toddler while she desperately tries to pick fresh corn at the market.  She’s sweating in the sun. “I’ll take 10…”  she shouts it at the vendor and she’s slightly frantic.  I remember that feeling.  The feeling that everyone is staring and you’re […]

Teaching Self-Government Review and Giveaway

I was so excited when my family and I received the Teaching Self-Government Implementation Course to use and review. Teaching Self Government (TSG) is a program created by Nicholeen Peck. The resources included the book (Parenting: A House United) and online access to all of their materials, recordings, videos, and much more. There are also […]

Allergy Relief Using Essential Oils

Most of us associate allergies with spring time, and while the worst allergy cases probably do occur during that time for most people, allergies can continue into the fall.  In a previous post, I discussed how to treat allergies with foods like local raw honey, garlic, and vitamin C.  In today’s post, I’m focusing more on […]

Hip Homeschool Hop 10/6/15

Welcome to the Hip Homeschool Hop! We’re so glad to have you visit our Hip Homeschool Hop! We hope you will read some posts that interest you and link up your own posts too! We also have several favorites to share with you from last week’s HOP post. So keep reading for more fun, inspiration, […]

First Things First

I frequently hear moms sharing how they are frustrated with homeschooling. I totally get it. We have been doing this for 20 years so far (eight kids), and I’m not going to lie. It can be HARD. Often, you finally find a good groove and before you know it, things are bumpy again. Even downright […]

Get Organized in October!

So you’re making important plans for National Get Organized Week, right?  At this moment you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of October 4-10 so you can spend every waking moment of that joyous week reorganizing jumbled closets and straightening those messy homeschooling materials.  Oh, what a blissful week it is sure to be! Okay, maybe […]

Quick Skillet Tortellini

Some days you just need a super simple meal, and it doesn’t get much easier than this “one pot” quick skillet tortellini.  

Five Ways to Help Your Kids Love Read Alouds

Reading aloud has been one of the foundations of our years of homeschooling. It teaches comprehension, sophisticated language patterns, and grammar, not to mention imagination and exposure to cultures, ideas, and history. This all sounds well and good, but what if your kids aren’t thrilled when you announce it’s reading time? Here are some doable […]

Hip Homeschool Hop 9/29/15

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Can a Homeschooling Mom Neglect Her Kids?

As homeschooling moms, we spend a lot of time with our children.  A lot!  Is neglecting them in any way even possible for us? We sacrifice so much to invest in the lives of our children.  We surrender our time and our money.  We give up personal liberties other moms enjoy, and we set our […]

Ideas for Staying Connected to Extended Family

The summer always brings a small break from school: going to bed later than usual and sleeping in longer the next morning, and a whole lot of swimming. My children look forward to all of those instances, but the greatest expectation of the summer is connecting with family members we do not regularly see during […]

Slow Cooker Philly Cheese Sandwiches

You’ll love these “Philly Cheese” sandwiches. Not only are they tender and delicious, but they cook in your slow cooker while you get your work done!

So You Want to Have Daily Devotions with Your Kids {But Feel Like Such a Failure}

So you want to have daily devotions with your kids… but most days find you…  scrambling in the morning (and I don’t mean over a skillet of farm fresh eggs) trying to remember where you placed your Bible (you own five Bibles, but, you know the story…) feeling too guilty to read Scripture verses to your […]

Reading Eggs Free Trial!

★ FREE 4 week trial of Reading Eggs ★ Get your child using Reading Eggs today and enjoy the multi award-winning online reading program for 3-13 year olds. Sign up today! Just click here! Don’t forget to TELL YOUR FRIENDS so their children can also try Reading Eggs for free!  

Hip Homeschool Hop 9/22/15

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Tangram Lesson Plan

Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle that begin with a square.  They contain seven geometric pieces, or tans. You can use these seven pieces to create a number of pictures, but when played you must follow these rules: All 7 pieces must be used. All pieces must lie flat. All pieces must touch. No pieces may overlap. Pieces […]

Tune Your Ears to Hear My Voice

My son, be attentive to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. – Proverbs 4:20 It was eerily quiet. In a room full of children, you could almost hear a pin drop. The only sounds were the faint strains of a Veggie Tales video being streamed over a laptop with nearly non-functional speakers. The […]

10 Simple Steps to Eating Clean

In a previous article, I gave some information about eating clean. I explained a little about what clean eating is and why you might want to give it a try. But once you’ve decided to try out the clean eating lifestyle, how do you make the change? It can be difficult to change from the […]