Natural Relief for Seasonal Allergies

Allergies can arise from being continuously overexposed to the same allergens. Over-the-counter medications address the symptoms of allergies, while certain natural remedies can help to treat the cause. If you are not a fan of taking over-the-counter medications, below you will find alternatives to give you natural relief for seasonal allergies. Local Raw Honey Honeybees […]

Fun and Educational Pumpkin Activities and Recipes for Homeschoolers

It’s almost fall. Soon we will see signs of fall like colorful leaves, yummy fall treats, and pumpkins! If you want more pumpkin-related or fall-related ideas for your homeschool, you might enjoy these articles: Pumpkin Pointillism: An Art Lesson in Primary Colors, 7 Must Read Harvest Books for Young Children, Science Experiment: Use Chromatography to […]

Printables and Ideas for Fall

Fall is almost here! Those who live in the North may already be experiencing cooler weather and falling leaves. Those of us in the South are just beginning to see a hint of fall, and we’re looking forward to the cooler temperatures and beautiful colors that fall brings.  To get ready for fall, we’re sharing […]

Grandma’s Apple Crisp

It’s my favorite time of the year. FALL! I love everything about it – a new school year starting (we homeschool year round, but start fresh again every fall) which means new beginnings and back to routine, the cooler weather, the bold colors in nature, apple picking, hay rides, corn mazes, and yes, even football! […]

Grandparents and Homeschooling

Last week I had an enlightening conversation with an extended family member about her homeschooling endeavors…..not with her children, but with her grandchildren. Grandparents and homeschooling could be a wonderful combination for many families! Our talk got me thinking about how “hip homeschool grandparents” might be a rising trend in the homeschool lifestyle. For one […]

Fall Herbs to Study with Your Kids

Most of us think of plants and herbs in terms of spring and summer. There’s no doubt that these two seasons are the best times to pull out the plant identification books and explore the great outdoors lush with plants waiting to be identified. What we may not commonly think of, though, is the fact that […]

Top 10 Homeschool Do’s and Don’ts

As we begin a new homeschool year (or continue our year for those who homeschool year-round), it can be tempting to feel like we need to be perfect. The truth is, though, that none of us is perfect! Our job is to simply do the best we can with and for our children. I put […]

Fall Yarn Leaf Magnets

Fall is my favorite season.  One of the things I enjoy the most about it is the beautiful colors of the changing leaves.  That’s probably why I was drawn to this neat yarn leaf craft.   I saw this fall yarn leaf craft in one of my family/parenting magazines many years ago.  At that time, […]

Hip Homeschool Hop 9/13/16 – 9/17/16

Welcome to the Hip Homeschool Hop! Thank you for linking up with us on our Hip Homeschool Hop! We’re glad to have you. And if you’re here to take a look around and find some fun topics, good information, ideas, or support, we’re glad to have you too! But first we hope you’ll take a […]

3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Fall Hat Month in Your Homeschool

Did you know that September is Fall Hat Month? In Texas, September is still summer, but by this time, I am ready to embrace fall and all of the beautiful and fun fall hats. Use these ideas to celebrate fall hat month in your homeschool this year! And if you’re looking for more fun fall ideas, […]

Earn College Credit While Homeschooling High School

One of the many benefits of homeschooling high school is that you can choose to have your child earn college credit while homeschooling high school! This can also be called dual credit. There are multiple ways to earn college credit while homeschooling high school. Each option offers its own set of guidelines, limitations, and benefits. […]

Printables and Resources for Book Reports

This week we’re featuring printables and activities related to book reports. You’ll find book reports for all ages and grades. Some can be used for fictional books, some for non-fiction books, and some for either. We hope you find just what you need! If you use one of these resources, please consider leaving feedback on […]

Pumpkin Breakfast Ideas

When fall rolls around after the blisteringly hot summers we have here in Texas, my mind turns to pumpkins. Pumpkins are a healthful vegetable, and they’re delicious too! They are low-calorie, and they contain no saturated fats or cholesterol. They’re full of fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. So even though the recipes below are a […]

Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Roll Ups

I’m not a big breakfast planner, and it usually goes to the back of my mind when grocery shopping. I like to keep it simple and quick when it comes to breakfast. If I already keep the ingredients in the pantry and don’t have to buy extra, well then it’s a win all around. These […]

Is Teaching Cursive Writing Important?

Should you teaching cursive writing to your child? Years ago this wasn’t a question at all. Cursive was taught in our schools and homeschools without question. In fact, most students were required to write in cursive during their middle to upper elementary school years and throughout high school.  Along the way, teaching cursive became an […]

Printables for Homeschooling

Are you looking for free printables and activities for homeschooling?  Look no further!  Here are printables for homeschooling by themes, holidays, and subjects.   General Printables for Homeschooling: Homeschooling for Free or Cheap Printables Printable Games and Activities Freebies for Homeschooling more printables and activities for your homeschool Themed Printables: Spring and Easter Printables Minecraft […]

How to Homeschool Art

Do you want to include more art in your homeschool? If so, keep reading to find lots of ideas and inspiration! Not only will you become a better art teacher, but you’ll also find some amazing projects to enjoy with your children. And if you’re worried that you’re not artistic enough, don’t worry! These articles […]

Hip Homeschool Hop 9/6/16 – 9/10/16

Welcome to the Hip Homeschool Hop! Thank you for linking up with us on our Hip Homeschool Hop! We’re glad to have you. And if you’re here to take a look around and find some fun topics, good information, ideas, or support, we’re glad to have you too! But first we hope you’ll take a […]