KidCoder: Game Programming in Visual Basic

KidCoder: Game Programming will teach students in grades 6 through 8 game design and logic, including how to display graphics, animate images, handle sprites, and play sounds. This book & CD set is the second semester course of the Homeschool Programming Inc. Visual Basic “KidCoder” course-year; it is preceded by Windows Programming, which is a prerequisite for this course.

Students will learn about game design, drawing on a screen, animation with timers, game logic, artificial intelligence, saving games, drawing test and printing, and more. Students will create different programs throughout the course; and in the final chapter, students will demonstrate everything they’ve learned by writing a simple computer game.

Course CD with set-up program is also included. 213 pages, indexed, softcover. Reproducible for personal use only. An optional Game Programming Supplemental Instructional DVD is also available.

Kidcoder: Windows Programming in Visual Basic

KidCoder: Windows Programming is the first semester course of the “KidCoder” Visual Basic course-year (followed by KidCoder Game Programming), and teaches students in grades 6-8 how to write their own Windows programs using the industry-basic Visual Basic programming language. Students will learn about creating Windows screens, using data, making decisions, and handling user input. Chapters cover getting user input, working with numbers, program loops, functions, using the debugger, distributing programs, and more. Students will create a different program at the end of each chapter; and in the final chapter, students will demonstrate everything they’ve learned by writing a simple computer game.

No prior computer programming or HTML experience is required; the other year of KidCoder, the Web Design series, can be completed before or after this course. Course CD with set-up program is also included. 213 pages, indexed, softcover. Reproducible for personal use only. An optional Windows Programming Course Supplemental Instructional DVD is also available for this course.

Creative Freewriting Adventure

Freewriting exercises can help even students who don’t like to write produce amazing, creative work — no preparation work is required; simply set the timer for 15 minutes and get writing! An introduction is given, and is followed by a “journey” that sets the stage for the writing assignment, which asks students to describe the scene, background, dialogue, and incorporate the senses into their writing.

Some exercises are taken directly from the Philosophy Adventure course and are based upon a Greek philosopher; additional exercises based upon The Wise Woman by George MacDonald and Scripture are also included.

52 non-reproducible pages, spiralbound softcover. High School. ESV Scripture used.

Philosophy Adventure

Philosophy Adventure: Pre-Socratics walks homeschool students through lessons on members of the School of Athens, exploring their beliefs, background, and works from a biblical worldview, while also learning how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately. Chapters focus on Thales, Pythagoras, Xenophanes, Heraclitus, Parmedides, Empedocles, Protagoras, and Democritus.

Each lesson includes these components:

  • The Philosopher’s Story: anecdotes from his life, the time/place he lived, and main accomplishments and beliefs.
  • Write, Think and Speak assignments complement the concepts presented.
  • Geographical information pertaining to the life of the Philosopher.
  • Contrast section (2 parts): the first part presents students with actual source material or a secondary source if no primary work survived, and the second part explores whether his ideas align with a biblical worldview.

Adventures of Munford

Although he’s just two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, Munford is all adventure. He can be rain, snow, sleet, or steam. He has traveled the world in search of excitement. Throughout history, he has been present at some of the most important and world-changing events. Fun and educational, Munford will inspire your children to learn more about many of history’s greatest moments. These readers make a great addition to your learning experience in areas such as history, geography, and science. This book series is written on an elementary reading level, but provides plenty of read-aloud entertainment for the entire family!

Trail Guide to Learning series

Four levels available:

Paths of Exploration – Follow the steps of famous explorers and pioneers across America and let geography be your guide to science, history, language skills, and the arts. The paths of the explorers are seen through multidisciplinary eyes, but always with the same goals: to make learning enjoyable, memorable, and motivating.  Full year course for grades 3-5.

Paths of Settlement –  Key events studied include the Colonial Period, the Revolutionary War, the war of 1812, the Civil War, and Westward Expansion. Learn about the accomplishments of great Americans such as George Washington and Patrick Henry who built upon the trial blazed by brave explorers. Their actions teach us the principles of freedom and citizenship – founding and expanding our country, strengthening us in times of war and binding us together in times of struggle. Full year course for grades 3-5, but adaptable up to grade 7.

Paths of Progress – The lives of these devoted individuals and their contributions will be examined throughout our history, into the Industrial Revolution and the beginning of the 20th century. Some key figures studied include Ben Franklin, Samuel Morse, George Washington Carver, the Wright Brothers, and Thomas Edison. Full year course for grades 5-7, but adaptable for grades 4-8.

Journeys Through the Ancient World – Journeys through the Ancient World will transport your students into four important early civilizations—Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome. The Bible is an essential part of this study, as both an historical and a literary text.  For grades 6-8.

Trail Guide to Bible Geography

Trail Guide to Bible Geography is the third book in the popular Trail Guide to Geography series. Study the geography of the Holy Lands in light of scripture and along with the lives of your favorite Bible characters. Students learn by mapping, research, daily geography drills and hands-on activities. While some small maps are included in the book, the larger maps in Bible Lands Activity Maps are highly recommended. Students love doing the mapping assignments and are delightfully challenged with finding answers to the daily drills using a Bible atlas.

Eat Your Way Around the World

Perfect as its own ethnographic course, or as a supplement to geography, history, or social studies, Eat Your Way Around the World will be a hit for any homeschool family! Arranged by continent and country, simple, traditional recipes are interspersed with etiquette hints, food profiles, notes on the culture, recipe information, room to journal.even a passport is included! Discover foods from Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria, South America, China, Japan, India, France, Ireland, England, Canada, Guatemala, Jamaica, the U.S. and more. 111 pages, spiral-bound softcover. Index with websites for more recipes included.

Galloping The Globe

Creative and filled with ideas for traveling the world in your studies, Galloping the Globe is a unit study for kindergarten through fourth grade. Focusing on the seven continents and some specific countries, this study is designed to take 1-3 years to complete; suggested schedules are included. Integrating geography, Bible, history, science, literature, and maps & flags, children will discover the famous people from each country as well as holidays and other cultural traditions. Each country has a checklist with books to read from the core reading list as well as individual picture books, biographies, websites to visit, language arts selections, appropriate Bible references and activities unique to each portion of the world. Employing a notebooking approach, students build a notebook as they progress throughout the course. The CD-ROM includes all of the activity sheets, maps, and flags that are in the book, as well as other bonus notebooking pages. Mac and PC compatible. Maps, reports, flags, and activity pages are reproducible. 266 pages, indexed. Answer key included. Grades K-4. Softcover.

Trail Guide to World Geography

Bon Voyage! Take a vacation around the world with Trail Guide to World Geography. Three different ‘trails’ allow for three years worth of use, or for three different students to simultaneously use the same curriculum; trails are divided into 2-4th grade, 5-7th grade and 8th-highschool. Geography Trail Features include five minute drills that use an atlas, almanac or critical thinking and analysis skills on the part of the student; Points of Interest contains a variety of mapping, research and other projects for students to choose from, and “Geography through Literature” follows Phileas Fogg in “Around the World in 80 Days.” Systematically moving around the world, there’s something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for a few warm up drills or a thorough, in-depth geography course. Reproducibles and answers included. 127 pages, softcover.

Eat Your Way Through the USA

Now you can taste your way across the country without leaving your own dining room table! Eat Your Way Through the U.S.A. includes a full meal of recipes from each state plus the District of Columbia. The recipes are easy to follow. Though not written at a child’s level, children can be included in the preparation of these dishes. All pages are printed in two colors for added interest and there is a set of interesting food facts from each state to supplement your cooking experience. Spiral Bound.

Profiles From History

With a focus on the character, as well as the accomplishments, of these people who have done great things with their lives, readers will find multiple elements of these biographies to relate to. Short (page-and-a-half) biographical sketches present a quick look at the innovation and courage many had, profiling what they are remembered for today, and providing insights into their motivations. Critical thinking activities include sequencing of events and true/false questions; maps help students to see where events took place; and timelines provide an overview of particular time periods. An activity extends the lesson, and various games (crosswords, word scramble, etc.) provide a fun way to remember the important part of each biography. Read about everyone from Marco Polo to John Smith to Handel to Sacagawea to Francois Millet! 20 profiles; 203 pages, softcover, answer key included. Grades 3-5. 3 volumes, each has 20 profiles.

Geography Through Art

Discover the world through art! Many different features will highlight the various features of countries around the world through sketching, artist profiles, culture connection boxes, internet resources, recipes, maps, and leveled projects for multi-age use. More than 100 art projects touch on 27 countries, including Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, China, India, Japan, Russia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Brazil and others. Notes on the country, step-by-step instructions, photographs or illustrations, needed materials and other information are included. 189 pages, indexed, softcover. Reproducibles included.

Cantering the Country

Canter about the country as you introduce your students to the fifty states and Washington D.C. State geography, history, mottos, animals and other regional information is collected and presented in this comprehensive notebooking unit study. Each state features an introductory reading passage followed by interesting facts and a booklist separated into general reference, geography, history/biography, science, literature, language arts, and character (derived from the state motto) categories. A list of activities rounds out each state, allowing parents to pick and choose what they’d like to do. Small reduced images show you what notebooking pages to complete from the CD-ROM. The included CD-ROM contains reproducible outline maps, word searches, crossword puzzles and in this new edition, even more notebooking content! 261 pages with limited reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 1-5.

Trail Guide to US Geography

Make your way across the great United States with this Trail Guide to US Geography. Three different trails allow for three years worth of use, or for three different students to simultaneously use the same curriculum. Geography Trail features include five minute drills that use an atlas, almanac or critical thinking and analysis skills on the part of the student; “Points of Interest” contains a variety of mapping, research or other projects for students to choose from, and Geography Through Literature follows the Louis and Clark Expedition. Systematically moving through the US, there’s something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for a few warm up drills or a thorough, in-depth geography course. Reproducibles and answers included. 126 pages, softcover.

A Young Scholar’s Guide to Composers

Classical music is uniquely part of our Western civilization. Research suggests that both listening to and playing classical music aids brain development. Even rudimentary exposure increases one’s level of enjoyment and understanding. This course provides a close-up look at famous composers, their music, and their times, with special attention to character traits and Christian testimony (or lack thereof). Even the musically challenged will enjoy this course! It’s perfect for grades 4-8 but is easily adaptable for younger and older students. Minimal teacher prep will return maximum enjoyment!

Christian Kids Explore Physics

Launch an exciting science learning adventure with Christian Kids Explore Physics!  The universe we travel is the result of God’s thoughtful design and careful building. Physics gives us a glimpse into the materials, laws, and structures of that universe. Behold the wonders of creation with this series of 30 easy-to-understand lessons for grades 4-8. Each lesson helps develop an understanding of matter and energy and the rules they follow. Exploring physics is an exciting adventure!

Includes 30 lessons and Resource CD.

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Explore the world of Chemistry with our bestselling science curriculum!

Launch an exciting science learning adventure with Christian Kids Explore Chemistry!  Teach chemistry to kids in grades 4 to 8 with Scripture integrated from cover to cover.

Our comprehensive workbook authored by trained educators provides 30 lessons, each grouped into five units. Vocabulary words and materials lists are provided for each section, with every lesson clear and easy to follow. Creatively illustrated, well-organized, and presented from a biblical world view – indexed, with author bios included.

Includes 30 lessons and Resource CD.