Christmas Morning

Tomorrow is Jesus’ birthday. According to my four children, the absolute best day of the year. I happen to agree.

I am not a morning person. I am a Christmas person through and through, but despite my love for Dec. 25th being jumped on and attacked by vicious, gift starved children is not a good start to any day. SO, this one day, in the year 2006, I uttered some of the wisest words that have ever left these lips.

“When you wake up in the morning the only option for waking us up early is to come in and stand at the foot of our bed and sing Jingle Bells…in HUSHED TONES.”

Now keep in mind, I have a tree full of presents waiting to be opened and I can pretty much get my children to instantly agree to do ANYTHING I wish at this point. I am pretty sure if I said they had to scrub their toilet before opening presents, they would do so, agreeably.

However, I am not that mean and this little tradition of song, has become one of the highlights of the year. Truly. It is the simplest things in life, most of the time.

The first couple of years, my husband and I would actually be awakened by giggles and whispers as they plot their entrance and grand presentation while just steps outside of our door. We would fake sleep and listen to the pre show with smiles on our “sleeping” faces. It was priceless. Soon, they were on to us and now their goal is to truly wake us up with song.

We wake up to the sweetest, softest voices. They are filled with excitement ~ and anticipation ~ and joy. Listening to children try and bottle up the joy of Christmas morning into a whispered version of Jingle Bells is amazing. It is beautiful. Each year I lay there and pretend to be asleep a little longer so that I can bask in the delight for another chorus or two.

After this we ask the kids to go sit on the stairs and wait for us for just a few minutes.

*2006 (my toddler was still sleeping)

They huddle and giggle and talk about what they might see. For in our house, upon reaching the bottom of the stairs and turning the corner, they will find their “big gift”. It is in plain sight with no wrapping.


It is not necessarily big in size or price, but big on a child’s Christmas wish list. It usually creates screams, falling on the floor, and jumping for joy. Sometimes a delightful happy dance will spontaneously erupt.


…But those moments of waiting on the stairs, are some of my most treasured memories. The anticipation is at it’s absolute height of the season. All of the planning, preparing, decorating, and waiting is at the peak of its crescendo and for those few moments everyone in our house is on the same page.


I love it. I dangerously push the line of inflicting childhood torture as I stall as long as humanly possible.


We take our positions. My husband takes video and I take still. We wait for a moment and yell G O. A year of waiting, gives way to laughter and screams and imprinting more memories, that will hopefully last a lifetime.


My daughter asked me when she was still itty bitty, why we make such a big deal of Jesus’ birthday.

“Because He is the most important, of everyone and everything.” I tell her. We will celebrate His birthday BIG each year and tomorrow will be no exception.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

“O come, Let us adore Him… Christ the Lord.”

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  1. Mindy @ DenSchool says:

    What a neat idea to take a picture of the kids in the same spot each year! I am sure they must love watching the changes from year to year.

  2. It’s been super entertaining to watch what is hanging behind them change each year too 🙂 !!! The kids love it! Happy New Year Mindy!

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